Strongman Events: Atlas Stones, Log Lift, etc.

Strongman events showcase incredible feats of strength, power, and determination. From lifting massive stones to hoisting colossal logs, these competitions push the limits of human capabilities. In this article, we will explore some of the most popular events in strongman competitions, including the iconic Atlas Stones and the grueling Log Lift.

Atlas Stones

The Atlas Stones event is widely regarded as one of the most iconic and visually impressive events in strongman competitions. Contestants are required to lift and load a series of large spherical stones onto platforms of increasing heights. The stones can range anywhere from 100 to 400 pounds, depending on the competition level.

The event tests not only the contestants’ brute strength but also their technique, grip strength, and overall athleticism. As the stones increase in weight and height, competitors need to strategize their approach and find the right balance between speed, precision, and raw power.

To successfully lift and load the Atlas Stones, competitors must use a combination of deadlift and clean techniques. They typically grip the stone with their arms wrapped around it and explosively lift it off the ground, using their lower body strength to propel the stone upwards. Once the stone reaches chest height, the competitor tucks their hips underneath, creating a shelf for the stone to rest on before transitioning into a bear hug position as they step onto the platform.

Log Lift

The Log Lift event showcases the immense upper body strength and explosive power of strongman competitors. As the name suggests, contestants are tasked with lifting a massive log from the ground to overhead, using their strength and technique to complete the lift successfully.

The log used in competitions can weigh anywhere from 250 to 400 pounds. It is cylindrical in shape, typically made of solid metal, and has handles that allow competitors to grip and maneuver it efficiently. The lift requires contestants to generate tremendous force from their legs, engage their core muscles, and explode upward to lift the log to a locked-out position above their head.

Similar to the Atlas Stones, the Log Lift event demands competitors to strategize their approach carefully. They must find the right balance between speed and controlled power, as well as maintain a strong grip throughout the lift. Proper form and technique play a crucial role in not only successfully executing the lift but also preventing injuries.

Farmers Carry

The Farmers Carry event is a true test of overall strength, endurance, and mental fortitude. Contestants are required to pick up and carry a pair of heavy implements, commonly known as farmer’s handles, for a certain distance as quickly as possible. The handles are usually weighted with heavy weights on either side, adding to the challenge.

Carrying heavy weights challenges nearly all muscle groups in the body, with a significant emphasis on grip and upper body strength. Additionally, contestants must maintain proper posture, engage their core, and take controlled steps to prevent dropping the weights or losing balance.

The Farmers Carry event often serves as a crowd favorite, as the intensity and determination displayed by the competitors are awe-inspiring. It exemplifies the mental and physical resilience required to excel in the demanding world of strongman competitions.


Strongman events such as the Atlas Stones, Log Lift, and Farmers Carry showcase the extraordinary strength, power, and athletic abilities of the competitors. These iconic events continue to captivate audiences worldwide, inspiring individuals to push their own limits and explore the depths of their physical capabilities.